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A conference is the largest event as compared to workshops and seminars. They can have fifty to thousands of attendees, and the largest may host even more visitors that.

You can have national and international conferences – national conferences are usually attended by people living within the country that is hosting the event. In contrast, international conferences attract visitors from all over the world.

A conference is a prestigious event, so they are the place where you most want the opportunity to present your work as a talk or as a poster.

Speaking involves several talks by prominent speakers and poster sessions where people present their ideas and data in a visual format.

For a more extended conference concurrent events are planned, there might be two, four, or even more talks happening at the same time in various locations.

The workshops are usually a day long or two and are dedicated to discussing a specific topic. The workshops are held as part of a department; you will often find outside visitors who attend them too. People from different departments and fields, journalist attend workshops together.

The workshops have specific aims, and action-oriented purpose to generate answers to current problems in the field. Workshops are beneficial to learn new skills and familiarize yourself with an unknown topic.

A workshop teaches a specific skill while an academic conference is about presenting original research and getting feedback from peers. A workshop doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give any research often; small activities are conducted to keep the participants engaged.

NabSols organizes an open workshop for Rhinoplasty patients on 21st November 2020. World Rhinoplasty Day. We gather some potential Rhinoplasty patients at  Auditorium Hall of South City Hospital.

The idea behind it was to connect with people who are considering a Nose Job(Rhinoplasty) in Pakistan. Event was a huge success Alhamdulliah.

Event Concludes:

  • Open Question/Answers Session.
  • Live Consultation.
  • Hi Tea.
  • Meet up with recent Rhinoplasty Cases
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However, attending a workshop can be stressful, but it helps a person overcome several fears, so the workshop/conference perks are invaluable and worthy. Some benefits are as follows.

Criticism is always hard to take, but it’s a part of a striving journey you can be close to perfect by participating in several workshops and conferences.

Every person thinks differently; workshops offer a unique view on your project than what you see it as, it also enables you to get exposed to new points of views, new insight and ideas.

Finding someone with the same passion as you is always a nice feeling. Workshops are a great way to meet other people with shared interests in your area.

Even the workshop isn’t designed for teaching; it is a terrific way to learn new skills and have new experiences. When you are a part of the audience, you feel motivated that drive you to complete your project early and in a better way as it’s a promise that someone else will view your work.

Workshops always provide new opportunities and ways to publish or showcase your work and ideas. Most importantly, workshops are meant for growth and enjoyment with immense fun. You will find your work drastically improving and have a valuable time that increases your creativity and productivity.